Looking to publish a static site in the most straight forward and dead simple way possible? Look no further. I recently found Surge and would recommend it to anyone who just wants to get some content up super fast.

Surge gives you a CLI…

Install: npm i -g surge
Then: surge

This will walk you through a quick and painless registration, and you’re ready to go.
Deploy static content to the Surge CDN: Navigate to your project and…

Simply: surge my-site/

The default service is free. There is also a paid option with some extra features ($13/mo at the time of this writing). The free service comes with support for custom domains, continuous deployment with Git Hooks or Codeship, custom 404 pages and a bunch more.

See the Surge help section for beautiful guides on all the available features.

Pair Surge with any static site generator and you can be up and running very quickly. I highly recommend checking it out!